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About the Product: Organic Vermicompost

Vermicompost is made by breaking down kitchen and garden waste with the help of earthworms. It is rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium and improves the fertility of the soil by providing necessary nutrients.


  • Strengthens the immunity of plants
  • Helps the plants stay happy and lush green
  • Improves the physical, biological and chemical properties of soil
  • Enhances the moisture-holding ability of soil
  • Supplies essential nutrients and promotes growth in the plants


  • Organic fertilizer for kitchen, terrace, and balcony gardens
  • Excellent fertilizer  and soil conditioner for container plants
  • Great supplement for amending soil.

Directions to Use

  1. Mix vermicompost with potting mix and cocopeat to grow plants.
  2. Fertilize your container plants by sprinkling a handful of vermicompost around the soil.
Weight 5 kg


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