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OVAL-SHAPED LEAVES: The leaves of Crassula ovata are typically oval-shaped and arranged in opposite pairs along the stems.,

STEM STRUCTURE: The stems of Crassula ovata are sturdy and woody, branching out from the base to form a compact and bushy growth habit.,

FLESHY LEAVES: Crassula ovata has thick, fleshy leaves that store water, enabling the plant to withstand periods of drought.

RICH GREEN COLOR: The leaves exhibit a rich green color, with variations ranging from dark green to slightly bluish-green, adding aesthetic appeal to indoor and outdoor settings.

ATTRACTIVE BARK: As the plant matures, the stems develop a thick, textured bark with shades of brown and gray, contributing to its overall visual interest.

DROUGHT TOLERANCE: Crassula ovata is highly drought-tolerant, thanks to its succulent leaves and water-storing capabilities, making it a resilient choice for low-maintenance gardens and indoor environments.


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