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About the Product: Sarso Khali

Made from quality mustard seeds, Sarso khali is an excellent fertilizer for vegetables and flowering plants. It is rich in protein and keeps the plants healthy by providing necessary micronutrients.


  • Improves the fertility of all types of soil
  • Increases the strength of cow manure
  • Promotes nitrogen, phosphor and potassium content in the soil
  • Protects the plants from pests and diseases
  • Encourages the efficiency of pesticides


  • Making organic manure for vegetables and flowering plants in garden
  • Growing medium for soilless and hydroponics plants
  • Improve the efficiency of pesticide
  • Effective fertilizer for all types of plants

Directions to Use

  1. Open the package and pour sarso ki khali powder in a small container.
  2. Sprinkle handful of sarso ki khali powder around the plants. Make sure the potting mix is dry before doing so.
  3. Water the plants, so the powder mixes well with the potting mix.



1 review for Buy Sarso Khali Online 1 Kg | Organic Manure

  1. Deepak Dhaker (verified owner)

    Good product to feed the plant once a month.

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